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Introducing Bondhu eSim for 190+ Countries.

The Most Powerful Connection Starts Here!

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Bondhu eSim India eSim

Buy eSim & Data For Bangladesh. 🇧🇩

eSim for Bangladesh works on Leading telecom operators.

Buy eSim & Data For India. 🇮🇳

eSim for India works on Jio LTE.

Buy eSim & Data For Malaysia. 🇲🇾

eSim for Malaysia works on Digi, Maxis & U Mobile Malaysia.

Bondhu VPN

Dedicated Servers In 190+ Countries

Buy eSim & Data For The UAE 🇦🇪

eSim for the UAE works on Etisalat & DU Networks.​

Buy eSim & Data For The USA 🇺🇸

eSim for the USA works on AT&T & T-Mobile.

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